On peak indecisiveness

Summing Bitfinex's margin BTCUSD long and short positioning charts gives us an indication of speculator decisiveness. You can pull this chart up on TradingView with "BTCUSDLONGS+BTCUSDSHORTS". To be clear this is a view into speculator margin trade activity, in essence the volume they are borrowing from funders in order to position themselves for a short term leveraged trade (think of this as selling or buying more than you can normally afford via the use of lending).

Zones of minimal Long + Short positioning have historically coincided with bearish price action during bear markets (the opposite is true for bull markets).

When undecided, "the trend is your friend" prevails.

Trend reversal

Interestingly in the Jan 2018 BTCUSD double top, peak indecisiveness did a phase shift. We went from "more bullish price action", to "more bearish price action"... an early warning that the trend had reversed and that the start of the bear market had begun.