I'm no stranger to tech, I first heard the word "Bitcoin" within my startup. It was 2013 and I was compelled to to buy my first coin; 1 BTC. By 2014, on the island of Bali where a burgeoning Bitcoin community was very much alive, I fell down the rabbit hole. By 2016 I'd started full time research into the space, funded only by my own curiosity.

Since those early beginnings I've written for Forbes and CoinDesk, even gaining a top-5 analyst positioning in 2017. My tweets now find their way to third party media articles. I appear semi-regularly on webcasts and speak at conferences on my work analysing the stucture of the crypto-asset markets.

This site documents my learning journey. While I do not update it much these days, I continue to post on-going research and musings on Twitter under the handle @woonomic.

The industry continues to mature...

Since mid-2017, we've seen the price-action signature of quant funds on the BTCUSD market, the infrastructure to capture vast institutional money is now ready. Meanwhile, I myself advise a VC fund and am a Partner at Adaptive Capital.

As this wave of smart money enters, powered by in-house proprietary research, I shall endeavour to make similar grade research free to the public.

This is an economic revolution.

~Willy Woo (March 2019)