Exodus Wallet Roadmap


Investors in this space will need a good solution for storing your various crypto-assets, so I thought I’d make mention of Exodus Wallet. It’s beautiful to use, reliable, and in fast development.

The document addresses the most common question from the community - the roadmap of upcoming asset support. I'll continue to update this document via direct conversation with the Exodus team.

Assets selection guidelines

Assets most likely to qualify should meet these criteria:

  • be in the top 20 market cap as quoted by Coincap.io
  • have good trade volume as quoted by Coincap.io
  • be supported by Shapeshift (a measure to reduce user confusion inside Exodus’ exchange functionality)

Current Asset Support

Feature Standard Eden Details
Bitcoin 2015.12.09 Yes
Litecoin 2015.12.09 Yes
Dogecoin Removed Removed Available in the initial 0.4.0 public release (2015.12.09), disabled for users with zero balances in 1.31.0 (2017.08.03), fully removed from 1.34.0 onwards (2017.09.14) see Reddit post for more details.
Ethereum 2016.02.12 Yes ERC20 asset support in v1.23.0 (2017.04.14)
Dash 2016.04.08 Yes Excludes InstantX and PrivateSend features.
Golem 2017.04.14 Yes Golem is the first ERC20 token to be supported by Exodus.
Augur 2017.04.27 Yes
Decred 2017.06.22 Yes Excludes support for staking, but this is under evaluation for a future release.
EOS 2017.07.06 Yes
Aragon 2017.07.06 Yes
Gnosis 2017.07.20 Yes
OmiseGo 2017.08.17 Yes
Basic Attention Token 2017.08.31 2017.08.25
Civic 2017.09.14 2017.08.25
Qtum Disabled Disabled Released 2017.08.31 (Eden 2017.08.25), disabled 2017.10.12 during blockchain migration
SALT 2017.09.25 2017.09.20
Bitcoin Cash 2017.10.12 2017.08.25
Ethereum Classic 2017.10.12 2017.09.23
District0x 2017.10.26 2017.08.25
FunFair 2017.10.26 2017.08.25
0x 2017.08.25
Bancor 2017.08.25
DigixDAO 2017.08.25
FirstBlood 2017.08.25
Metal 2017.08.25
Status 2017.08.25
Storj 2017.08.25
Wings 2017.08.25
Factom 2017.08.31 Private beta released 2017.02.10
Ripple 2017.10.11
Zcash 2017.11.18 Private send not supported
Vertcoin 2018.01.07


Feature Status Details
SEGWIT developing Support for Bitcoin SegWit transactions, currently under development, will reduce transaction fees.
2FA developing 2-factor authentication support will precede Hardware Wallet Support.
HARDWARE WALLET planned e.g. Trezor, KeepKey, Ledger Nano.
. .
NEO developing
Monero 2018 Works in private beta but not ready for prime-time. See Reddit 1 2.
Omni 2018 Delayed until 2018, awaiting outcome of Bitcoin 2X hardfork in Nov 2017.
Maidsafe 2018 Maid is an Omni token, see Omni support.
Tether 2018 Tether is an Omni token, see Omni support. We are excited about Tether to have a stable peg inside of Exodus.

Not On Roadmap

Feature Status Details
Siacoin evaluating Exodus is intrigued with Sia but have not looked the tech to see what the options are.
SingularDTV evaluating
TenX evaluating
Bitcoin Gold excluded Exodus does not plan to support BTG, export your private keys manually to access your BTG
Blackcoin excluded Exodus will have more interest in staking protocols once Ethereum moves to proof-of-stake.
Bytecoin excluded
Counterparty excluded
GameCredits excluded
IOTA excluded
Lisk excluded
NEM excluded
NXT excluded
Peercoin excluded Exodus will have more interest in staking protocols once Ethereum moves to proof-of-stake.
Steem excluded
Stellar excluded
Synereo excluded
Waves excluded

Exodus Eden Update History

Exodus Eden, first introduced on 25 Aug 2017, is an alternative bleeding edge version of Exodus without technical support for advanced users only. Upon installation it generates a new seed and can therefore be used side by side with the standard version of Exodus as a separate wallet.

Version Date Notes
1.42.0 2018.01.07 Vertcoin added
1.38.2 2017.11.18 Zcash added
1.35.6 2017.10.11 Ripple added
1.35.3 2017.10.03 Smarter gas calculations for ETH / ETC
1.34.3 2017.09.23 Ethereum Classic added
1.34.2 2017.09.20 SALT added
1.33.1 2017.08.31 Factom added
1.32.0 2017.08.25 Initial release


Update Date Notes
2018.01.07 Vertcoin
2017.11.18 Zcash
2017.11.13 Bitcoin Gold
2017.10.26 Funfair, District0x
2017.10.16 Monero
2017.10.12 Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic
2017.10.05 SALT
2017.09.24 Ethereum Classic
2017.09.21 Factom, SALT
2017.09.18 Basic Attention Token, Civic, Qtum
2017.08.27 Roadmap updates: OMNI, Tether, Ripple, NEO, IOTA, SALT, SegWit Txs
2017.08.27 Exodus Eden Assets: 0x, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin Cash, Bancor, Civic, DigixDAO, District0x, FirstBlood, FunFair, Metal, Qtum, Status, Storj
2017.08.17 OmiseGo
2017.07.20 Gnosis, Dogecoin, 2FA support
2017.07.10 EOS, Aragon
2017.06.22 Decred
2017.06.07 Factom
2017.06.05 Ethereum Classic
2017.05.01 Augur
2017.04.22 Decred, Storj
2017.04.17 ERC20, Golem
2017.04.06 ERC20, Golem
2017.04.02 Factom ETA updated
2017.03.07 Factom ETA updated
2017.02.13 Factom
2017.01.15 Updates to status of most coins
2016.11.13 Monero
2016.11.05 Maidsafe, Omni, Tether
2016.10.25 Waves
2016.10.17 Ethereum Classic
2016.10.07 ICONOMI, Augur, SingularDTV, DigixDAO
2016.09.30 Monero, Omni, Tether
2016.09.23 Zcash
2016.09.19 Storj, Siacoin, Blackcoin, Peercoin, Synereo, Bytecoin